There are different types of luxury. my definition of luxury is timeless objects, brands, or anything else that transmit an ancestral savoir-faire in the modern days. it takes time, effort and passion to craft. It is the opposite of something you can find everywhere

Gstaad is a form of luxury itself.

You can trace the history of Gstaad and the Saanenland back from the 11th century. Along the way, the valley developed its own typical architecture and traditions and welcomed the first tourists in the earliest days of the 20th century. The completion of the Montreux-Oberland railway in 1905 secured Gstaad's link to the outside world.

We arrived in Bern County from the Pillon Pass, through Les Diablerets and the first thing that stroked us is how typical Swiss the landscapes are. Green pastures, engraved and painted chalets and mountains all around...

The second thing that is surprising is how the language border is marked. You come from the french speaking Valais to the swiss german-speaking Bern and as soon as you pass the border, everything is in german!

Gstaad is known as a celebrity destination with beautiful houses and hotels. But has much more to offer: hundreds of km of thinking trail, as many biking routes, lakes, mountains to climb or to fly down with a paraglide, it's a true outdoor destination.

The destination is also amazing for food lovers, and especially for cheese lovers. Of course !

You can also get the experience of PicNic BackPack and FondueLand : you can order your backpack filled with your desired food, collect it at the corresponding shop and enjoy your picnic in a beautiful place or your fondue in a giant fondue pot!

To move around and get the best experience there, get The Gstaad Card. It includes a range of services at discounted prices. The biggest benefit is free to use of public transport in the Destination Gstaad and in the Lenk-Simmental region between 1 June and 31 October 2021.

Our adresses in Gstaad:

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